6 Ways to Handle a Breakup like a Celebrity

Take a breakup tip from these celebs.Take a breakup tip from these celebs.We know it's a little crazy, but it hurts our hearts when cute couples like Michelle Williams and Jason Segel (and Jay Baruchel and Alison Pill) call it quits. But perhaps we civilians can learn few lessons from these celebrities on how to break up-and move on…

By Natasha Burton

1. Keep Mum on the Dirty Details
Jason Segel and Michelle Williams have yet to even comment about their breakup (the news came from those mysterious "sources"), which is a lot classier than spilling the deets via Twitter. No need to give the world a lengthy explanation of what happened when you split from a guy-that's your business and your business only.

2. Make a PC Joint Statement
It might be hard to resist telling your respective circles of friends what happened between you two. So, take a cue from Bachelor Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson, who jointly announced they had "grown apart" after a year of dating. (To the surprise of no one, we might add.) Planning a neutral, agreed-upon statement shows that you're mature and not out to hurt the other person-which, trust us, would only make you feel totally crappy later anyway.

3. Talk Up Your Ex
Say what you will about Harry Styles' too-nice comments about his ex Taylor Swift after she seemingly made fun of his accent at the Brit awards, but even though the rumor is that he cheated, he's coming off like a perfect gentleman by calling Taylor's every post-split performance "great!" Kill your ex with kindness when people ask you about him. (Props to Jennifer Lawrence's ex, Nicholas Hoult, for praising the new Oscar winner, too.)

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4. Look Hot
After Selena Gomez and the Biebs called it quits, the starlet pulled herself together and got majorly glam when she hit the awards season party circuit. (That metallic cocktail dress she wore to a post-Golden Globes party was seriously smokin'.) Looking gorg post-breakup isn't so much about getting revenge as it is making yourself feel good.

5. Be Cool If You Run Into Each Other
Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth broke up eons ago, but whenever they run into each other on the red carpet or at an A-list-only soiree, they're all too eager to hug it out. At some point, it's important to let go of the negative emotions associated with a breakup and just move on. Which includes, you know, not totally hating your ex.

6. Actually Be Friends
Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz went from making out on surfboards to Splitsville. But even though he's hitched to Jessica Biel, he and Cam are still friends. The proof: They even make movies, like Bad Teacher, together!

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