6 Ways to Look Hotter Than Everyone Else on New Year's Eve

You'll be sexy no matter what on New Years Eve!It doesn't matter if you're going out or staying in - everyone needs a fun New Year's Eve outfit! Whether you're hitting a friend's house party, taking the cheap flight home after the holidays, or braving the crowds to watch your local ball drop equivalent in person. Here are six great outfits that will help you kick off 2014 in style. Here's to a freaking awesome 2014!

By Charles Manning

1. House Party
You never want to be too dressed up when you're heading to a house party, whether it's a low-key hangout with friends or an up-all-night rager. A tuxedo jean is festive, but not too dressy. A fun, colorful sweater offers a laid back, approachable vibe (wear a cute top underneath in case you get too hot). Flats will ensure you're comfortable enough to last the whole night, even if you can't find a place to sit down.

2. Home Hangout With Your Boo
Sometimes staying in on New Year's Eve can be even more fun than going out, especially if you're with your lover. Heighten the sexytimes by dressing up a little. Try black-and-white lounge clothes and flash a sparkly bra under an open hoodie or low-cut tank. Everyone needs an excuse to bust out that sparkly bra you bought when you were feeling really fun but never wear because it makes your boobs look lumpy under T-shirts.

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3. A Fancy Dinner and A Midnight Toast
So you've decided you're going to class it up this year with one of those all-inclusive dinner, champagne, and chocolate-covered strawberry deals. Fun! You could go the fancy dress route, but that's so expected. Why not go for a great pair of floral-printed pants and a tuxedo jacket instead? A low cut tank and a great pair of heels will give you all the sex appeal you need.

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4. Stuck In Transit
Don't let the fact that you're flying on New Year's Eve stop you from celebrating! A satin or quilted bomber jacket is comfy, cozy, and just a little bit fancy. Wear it with a great pair of tapered drawstring pants for a look that's casual without being sloppy, and make sure you pack a couple plastic champagne flutes in your carry on. Hey, you never know who you'll be flying with - a couple glasses of airplane Champagne (and a party hat or two) could be just the thing you need to break the ice with that hottie across the aisle.

5. Partying At The Club
Whether you're getting bottle service in a private booth or tearing up the dance floor with your friends, when you hit the club on New Year's Eve you're ready to have fun, get noticed, and own the room. Bring on the sparkles! Sure, an all over sequined dress is a lot of look, but it's New Years! Go for it! Give your sparkle party look a cool-girl vibe by topping it off with a leather jacket and a great pair of heels, or go for full-on glam with a faux-fur and a glossy black minaudière.

6. Times Square
Everyone should experience the madness of Times Square on New Year's Eve (or your hometown's local live equivalent) at least once in their lives. Keep in mind, though, that once you enter, you can't leave until it's over, so a warm coat and flat, comfy shoes are an absolute must. Bring your own coordinating noise-makers and other New Year's paraphernalia with you - the better / wilder you look, the more likely you are to make it on TV!

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