6 Ways Motherhood Made Me a Better Wife

6 ways motherhood made me a better wife6 ways motherhood made me a better wifeWhen I started wife-ing, I didn't know what I was doing. Sure, I loved my husband but that was about all I knew how to do.

I sort of figured, hey, how hard could marriage be? You work hard, love each other, and the rest just falls into place, right? Well, maybe on a good day. As young people do, we fought hard, loved harder, and believed we were masters of our marital universe…that was until Boy Wonder made his arrival four years later.

We figured, hey, how hard could parenthood be? You read books, you try hard, and you love your baby, right? Again, maybe on a good day.

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As long as I'm being honest, I found the first year of parenting to be harder on our marriage than the first year of marriage itself. We were giving every bit of ourselves to our son and our careers which left very little to give each other.

I knew we'd survive the trails of new parenthood, but I never knew how much motherhood would change and strengthen our marriage. As I look back on the evolution of our 13 year marriage, I have motherhood to thank for allowing me to see my husband in a whole new light. Here are 6 ways motherhood changed me as a wife:

I learned how to trustI learned how to trust1. I learned how to trust
I had about 4.2 hours of babysitting experience under my belt before I became a mother. My husband stepped into parenthood with grace while I stumbled every step of the way. He taught me the value of trusting my instincts, and in turn, taught me to trust his advice.

I learned what mattered mostI learned what mattered most2. I learned what mattered most

Prior to parenthood, I was so consumed with my own priorities that I often pushed my husband's aside. There's nothing like a baby to teach you what really matters. No longer were my "needs" really needs. Designer bags, pricey makeup, and expensive dinners were no match for providing for our family.

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I learned how to cookI learned how to cook3. I learned how to cook

As childfree people, my husband and I got by on many a T.V. dinner. Once I had a hungry toddler to feed, I discovered the pride that comes from feeding hungry men.

I learned how to be spontaneousI learned how to be spontaneous4. I learned how to be spontaneous

There's no way to live a super-organized, by the book existence as a parent. I learned how to let go, have fun, and make out with my husband whenever (and wherever) the opportunity presented itself.

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I learned to support his dreamsI learned to support his dreams5. I learned to support his dreams

When my husband decided to go back to school, time and resources were slim. Parenthood helped me realize the importance of personal achievement as an example for our son.

I learned about sacrificeI learned about sacrifice6. I learned about teamwork
With my husband by my side I learned we could do anything as long as we were in it together.

- By Lori Garcia
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