6 weird weddings you may have missed

You may not have felt it while you were shoveling snow or turning your "US Weekly" into a makeshift blanket at the airport, but love was in the air. Strange love. You're cordially invited to six weird weddings that actually happened over the holidays.

#6. The wedding on ice. Walking down the aisle with a giant skating bird is every bride's dream...if she's wearing a nicotine patch, eating peppers, and watching "Faces of Death" before she goes to bed. But for Cindy Pritchard, it was all part of her fantasy wedding at a Boston Bruins/Atlanta Thrashers ice hockey game on December 30. Really. Watch it.

AP Photo/ Gus RuelasAP Photo/ Gus Ruelas

#5. Shania Twain's made-for-TV-movie wedding. The country star got hitched on New Year's Day to Swiss businessman Frederic Thiebaud - the ex-husband of her ex-husband's new wife. Got that? If not, watch this Lifetime movie with the same implausible premise.

#4. The "One Day at a Time" reunion wedding. Valerie Bertinelli brought the gang back together for her wedding to longtime partner Tom Vitale. Her '70s sitcom sister Mackenzie Phillips made a toast. So did Pat Harrington, also known as Schneider, people! Is anyone else picturing his cumberbund as a painted on tool-belt? If so, high five.

#3. The Dunkin' Donuts wedding. Where: New Jersey on Route 42 South. When: last Tuesday, probably pretty early in the morning if they cared about freshness. Dress: brown tie.

James Knox/Tribune ReivewJames Knox/Tribune Reivew

#2: The are-you-freaking-crazy? wedding. A Pittsburgh couple exchanged vows on a water taxi and then jumped into the freezing cold river for an intimate moment with the entire Pittsburgh Polar Bear club. In case you're not familiar with the Pittsburgh Polar Bear club scene, here's what it looked like.


#1: The snake wedding. Sorry folks, this two hundred pound python is officially off the market. She married a male python in a Buddhist ceremony in Cambodia while two people held their heads and forced them to kiss. That's not usually a good sign.