7 Annoying Things Guaranteed to Ruin Date Night

It's been a crazy week…but, finally, it's just the two of you, out alone. The only thing that can sabotage your fun now? One of these unexpected surprises.
By Christine Coppa for TheNest.com

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Your irresponsible babysitter

At last: date night! As you're slipping on your new vintage boots, your husband comes in with a screaming baby, looking like he just lost his job. You guessed it: The girl across the hall (you know, the one who seemed like the perfect babysitter when she moved in?) canceled again. Looks like another night of Thai food on the couch with a crying baby on your lap.

The demanding boss
Your partner may be married to you, but he's in a serious relationship with his demanding boss. He leaves the table twice to take calls and texts in between bites. He even types an email, sends it and then rereads it two times obsessing over typos. You feel like you're dining alone, so when you get home, you tell him he can sleep alone-on the lumpy couch. Meanwhile, you fall asleep upstairs watching Law and Order reruns.

GNO (Girls Night Out) table next to you
Your waiter drops off your pizza and beers, just as the hostess seats seven rowdy women next to you. One is wearing a Bachelorette sash. "Shots!" the bride-to-be, orders. And, no, there are no other tables available. And, yes, the bride-to-be will remind you every two minutes that she is, in fact, getting married.

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The herd of frat boys at the movies
There's a new thriller out and you two have free tickets. You find great seats and dig into the popcorn as the previews play. Just as you cozy up to your partner, a group of guys pile into the seats in front of you and top off their slushies with airplane bottles of Fireball. The rest of the night goes like this: "Yeah! Kill him! That babe is smokin! Man, I gotta pee!"

The compliment fail
Instead of making your husband come all the way home, you text that you'll meet him at the restaurant since it's near his office. After hitting up Dry Bar for a blowout and slipping into a LBD, you head to the restaurant feeling good. When you finally arrive, you walk over and he says … nothing. No word about your hair, dress or the fact you're wearing Spanx so tight you can barely see straight.

Other people's (awful) kids
Sure, you love kids and might even have one of your own in the near future. But tonight you're trying to watch Monday night football at the sports bar down the street and there are three kids next to you arguing over their iPad and wiping their noses on your tablecloth. The only thing to do: Order another round to block out their screaming.

The breakup happening next to you
You're seated next to a seemingly happy-looking couple; but as you slide into the booth next to your husband and eye the sushi specials, you hear the guy say, "I think we'd be better off as friends." She breaks out into uncontrollable tears and pleads for him to give her another chance-for an hour. He finally pays the bill and leaves. Now this hot mess is your problem. Happy date night!

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