7 Cheap and Cute Summer Date Ideas

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Skip the expensive brunches and the standard dinner and a movie date - you do not need to have deep pockets to enjoy some creative summer dates. Here are some invaluable ways to spend more time (and less cash) with your significant other this summer - you can't put a price on that.

Beer Festival

What is better than a nice cold brew on a hot day? Bonding over 100 different types of hops anywhere from Germany to Brooklyn. Check out beerfestivals.org to see what festivals are in your area. Not a beer person? Take a look at localwineevents.com/festivals for local wine tastings.

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2. Baseball Game

Instead sitting in the nosebleed section, get front row seats to a minor league baseball game on the low. Add in a hot dog, a beer, some team spirit, and it's batter up time. Check out milb.com for $5 dollar ticket prices in your area

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3. Street Fairs

Street fairs or parades are a great way to skip your usual date-night restaurant and try new dishes on the cheap. Find a cultural fair, spice up your palette and re-create new recipes at home.

4. Yard Sales

Yard sales are a great way to design on a dime or discover some bizarre knick-knacks. Really want to experience the fleamarket culture? Go to keysfleamarket.com to make a weekend out of treasure hunting.

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5. Farmer's Market

Skip the frozen food aisle and put down the take-out menu. Head over to the farmers market and check out the local produce. Vendors are more than happy to let you sample gourmet cheeses, poultry and meats products. Who knows, maybe you two can create a tasty dish with ostrich patties and alfalfa sprouts.

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6. Brunch (a la Casa)

Let's face it: those weekend brunches can put a hole in your pocket. Whip up some eggs florentine, some french toast or even leftovers from the night before. Take some fresh fruit (from date #3), juice, ice and blend it into a killer smoothie. For a little kick, toss in a shot of something hard. Set a table outside in the yard, roof, or stoop and indulge.

7. Berry Picking

Blueberries, strawberries, peaches and tons of other delicious fruits are in season. Go to your local farm and see what's ripe in your area. After, you two can experiment by making some homemade pies and jams together. Also, it's a great excuse to make him wear an apron.

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