7 Cheap Valentine’s Dates to Please

On a budget? Try one of these great dates!
By Elliot Yoo for BounceBack.com

Valentine's Day. The two words can give rise to all sorts of worrisome and dreadful feelings. In the case of many that feeling of dread can come from nowhere else but the wallet. The combination of fancy restaurants, chocolates, and jewelry are usually the course of the day and for many this can mean major financial setbacks.

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Luckily for you however, a little creativity can go a long way in terms of saving money, while making Valentine's Day both fresh and exciting. Here are some cheap Valentine's dates that will please your significant other, and your wallet:

1) Home-cooked Meal

If there was a list of people's favorite things in life, I'd wager that a good home cooked meal would be one of the frontrunners. That's because anyone who's ever cooked before knows it's a labor of love, and something that cannot be taken for granted. Making a meal for Valentine's Day is romantic, sweet, and caring, all words you want to hear on this holiday. Another option is to make the meal with them, after all the point of Valentine's Day is to do nice things for each other, and to do nice things together.

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2) Ice skating

Ice skating is an excellent date to enjoy without spending any cash. The combination of being outside in the crisp air, the lights bouncing off the ice, and falling into each other's arms guarantees that this will be both fun and romantic. If you can't skate, have no fears as this will be a more charming than embarrassing characteristic.

3) Wine, Chinese Food, Movies

The anti-holiday holiday is always a great option if you're both in the mood for it. In the midst of hectic lives and schedules it's hard to keep up with all the holidays, and simply packing it in for a movie night together may just be what you were both secretly wishing for but didn't do. Just make sure that you discuss this beforehand, it'll turn ugly if you answer the door in pajamas and find your significant other in a red carpet outfit.

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4) Visit a museum

Valentine's Day isn't always strictly a nightly affair, sometimes it's a whole days outing. For the afternoon, visiting a museum is a great cheap date that can bring you both closer together. If you're both into art this is a no-brainer, and if the two of you haven't enjoyed artwork together, then this is a great chance to show off your artistic side. So don't look at artwork together, consider. Don't talk to each other, pontificate. Don't walk together, promenade….

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5) Make a relationship scrapbook

This is a perennially great idea for a date no matter what, holiday or not. It's also one of those dates that you really should do at least once and probably not much more than once. Whether the two of you have been dating for only a few months, or a few years, putting together a scrapbook together on Valentine's Day is a really sweet reminder and celebration of how close the two of you have become. As an added boon the two of you will grow closer as you put the scrapbook together. That's a lot of closeness, and closeness is good...

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6) Go sledding

If there's snow on the ground this Valentine's Day, take advantage of it by going sledding. The two of you will feel like carefree kids again as you fly down the mountain together. This kind of date will be a definite mood lifter, and if stress has been a little too omnipresent in your lives recently, then the laughs will go a long way. Finish the night off by going inside and getting warm and cozy.

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7) Home Spa

Spa's can be a bit pricey, but that doesn't mean you both have to miss out on a bit of pampering. Make Valentine's Day a night where the two of you really get to relax and enjoy each other in your own home. Get some bath lotions and take a hot bath together. Set up a massage area somewhere, and break out some massage oil. Some good romantic music in the midst of all of this, flower petals, and you'll begin to wonder how spas ever became a legitimate business.

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There are a lot of great options for cheap dates on Valentine's Day it only takes a little bit of thought. Can you think of any more great ideas for dates that you've either done or would like to add?

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