Will You Take the '7 Days of Sex' Challenge?

SexSexIf you could pick a reality show to be on, which would you choose? Amazing Race, Big Brother, Survivor? Maybe something task-specific, like Master Chef or Project Runway?

My wife would love to be on What Not To Wear. "How great would it be to throw my whole closet out and shop with other people's money in New York?" she squeals.

However, when I pitched to her that we should submit an application for Lifetime's new show 7 Days of Sex, the enthusiasm disappeared.

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Lifetime Network's president and general manager, Nancy Dubuc, recently made the press rounds promoting the premiere of 7 Days of Sex on April 26.

Dubuc says, "7 Days of Sex is a reflection of the challenges in our relationships - balancing time, family, work and trying to achieve real intimacy while being honest and true to ourselves."

Each episode of the show will feature two couples who "attempt to make radical fixes to their troubled relationships by asking the frank question: can a diet of daily sex help them recharge their marriage?"

The idea isn't new. Back in 2008, Texas preacher Ed Young made headlines after telling his congregation to participate in this sort of sexperiment.

"Today we're beginning this sexperiment, seven days of sex," he said. "How to move from whining about the economy to whoopee!"

Perhaps I can convince her to take up the preacher's advice and start a sexperiment of our own. Here's 5 tips to get you started on your own 7 Days of Sex Challenge:

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ScheduleScheduleSchedule Time Together
There is nothing wrong with admitting you have busy schedules. However, you have to prioritize in order to fit things in. Make time for each other by scheduling a date night, or *wink* y'know.

Foreplay doesn't have to happen while you're in bed. Set things up all day with subtle winks and innuendo.

BeachBeachTry Something New
We know the buttons to push for each other, and sex becomes routine. So, break the routine. Try something new and exciting.

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LaundryLaundryFold The Laundry, Clean The Bathroom, Take Out The Trash
Taking something off your spouse's "to-do" list is a kind way to let them know you want them to have extra time later.

AppleAppleIt's Good For You
Don't think of sex as something you have to do, remember it as something you want to do. It's healthy!

- By Buzz Bishop
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