7 Hunk-Filled Movies to Watch at Your Bachelorette Party

By now, you've probably either heard about or seen Magic Mike. Talk about mood-setting entertainment for your bachelorette party! We rounded up seven movies with amazing male eye candy, starting with Mike -- put one or two of these flicks on while you're getting ready to head out for a night of dancing or spending a weekend away with friends for a good time.

By Vi-An Nguyen for WeddingChannel.com

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Magic Mike

Channing Tatum shirtlessly takes a younger male stripper under his wing, all under the watchful eye of Matthew McConaughey (the strip club owner). Lots of shirtless synchronized flexing ensues. Need we say more?

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Crazy, Stupid, Love.
Ryan Gosling doffs his shirt repeatedly throughout this movie, bless him. Keep your eyes peeled for the sauna scene with Steve Carell and his steamy conversation with Emma Stone. And as Stone's character points out, it's like he's Photoshopped.

John Carter
Taylor Kitsch spends 99 percent of his time on-screen strapped into his rugged space warrior gear, which conveniently doesn't leave so much as a triceps to the imagination. Is this Oscar-winning cinema? Nope. Do we care one bit? Absolutely not.

Casino Royale
You've seen the infamous tiny trunks scene before, but let's close our eyes and relive the memory together: Daniel Craig takes a break from killing with a license for a leisurely stroll accompanied only by his little blue swimsuit (he's trying to seduce an enemy's wife and, spoiler alert, it works). You might want to hit "repeat" on this scene a few times.

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The Proposal
A freshly showered Ryan Reynolds drops his towel mid-movie, rendering the incredibly awkward, not-so-attractive male stripper scene earlier in the film totally worth it.

Fight Club
Admittedly, Fight Club might be a little intense for a party. So fast-forward to the good scene, where Brad Pitt's abs make their world-famous first appearance. You know the one -- it's within the first 30 minutes of the movie.

Dirty Dancing
Original heartthrob Patrick Swayze strikes so many timeless "come hither" poses in Dirty Dancing, we won't blame you if you end up choosing "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" as your first-dance song.

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