7 Online Dating Messages Least Likely to Get a Reply

The Worst Messages to Get While Online DatingThe Worst Messages to Get While Online Dating

Posted by Tolani Osan for BounceBack.com

So you're new to the online dating scene. Your friends may have told you it works magic and in some cases it does but not if you're uneducated about online dating messaging etiquette. The first message is the most important part. So make a good impression and avoid the following!


"Hey. Get at me. Here's my number again. Stop being shy"

Not too, too terrible but what if this is the second, third or fourth message you're sending?! Lets face it, not every message is going to get an answer. So if after the first time you send a message you don't receive one back, move on.


"Heeeey. Luv ur profile. U seem like kewl ppl. Wud luv 2 chat wit u."

Before you send a message like this, please consider who you are sending it to. If there is "teacher", "writer" or "professional" written somewhere in their profile, you should probably go back and proofread!

Over it

"You're really cute but you probably won't answer this message. These stupid dating sites never work. They're just based on who has the prettiest face…"

No one is going to take pity on you if you are willingly subjecting yourself to disappointment. If online dating is not for you, then find another avenue to meeting people. Or send a positive message and be hopeful! It's worth a shot, right? So make it count.

Too Much Too Soon

"You seem like good hubby/wifey material!"

Whoa there! We haven't even met! This kind of message will have anyone running in the opposite direction. Make sure you're not online looking for a spouse but rather to meet people and see where it takes you.

Hit it & Quit it

"My place or yours?"

There are options on most online dating sites if you're strictly looking for "hook ups." So be sure to double-check someone's profile before you ask if you can jump into their bed.


"Please reply!!!"

Hey… Relax. Online dating sites are supposed to be fun. So if someone doesn't respond don't sweat it. And certainly don't implore them to mostly for your sake. Any sign of desperation is a red flag for most, if not all, people.



This kind of message is a toss up. On one hand if you've got an intriguing profile, well, someone can respond you based solely on that and of course your interest in them. On the other, it may be looked over if they've got superstar messages filling their inbox. A lukewarm message like, "Hey" can also suggests that you're over it more subtly than the message previously mentioned. If you're still in the game, best thing you can do is start a conversation by introducing yourself or telling them you like most about their profile. "Hey" falls short of that.

Most messages are bound to be better than any of these 7, so don't be too hard on yourself! Keep it simple, sincere and light. Happy Dating!

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