7 Ways Pregnancy Helped Me Fall in Love with My Husband All Over Again

7 Reasons I Fell More in Love with My Husband During My Pregnancy7 Reasons I Fell More in Love with My Husband During My PregnancyBeing pregnant is such a crazy experience. But one thing a lot of women agree on is that pregnancy makes you fall even more in love with your husband in ways you never imagined. Here are the 7 things that mad me gaga over my man during my pregnancy.

1. The way he touched my belly

(Which normally would never come out of my mouth.) But when I was pregnant he would gently rest his hands there and it was like our whole family was cuddling.

2. The way he looked at me
The tenderness and sweetness in his gaze conveyed his awe every day. Not gonna lie, it made me feel like a rockstar.

3. How he would anticipate my cravings
That man would get me bagels whenever I wanted and would come home with ice cream just because.

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4. How he got excited about random baby things
While he didn't care too much about which color stroller we got or which blanket I added to our registry, he would find random baby things that we just HAD to have. Like a t-shirt with an old school Atari controller on it. ;)

5. How supportive he was of my nesting
When I designed and ordered 5 pieces of art for the nursery wall, then decided I didn't like them, he stood behind my decision to replace them. He went with me on the idea to paint one wall super dark blue, even knowing that we'll have to paint it back when we leave.

6. That he let me turn the air down to FREEZING in our house
He would walk around in sweatshirts while I sweated to death every day. Ah, the joys of hormones.

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7. His imagination.
I loved hearing him tell me his dreams for the future with our son - all the things he was excited about and the experiences he couldn't wait to share. Swoon.

- By Becka Robinson

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