7 Signs He's Not Ready to Commit

Listen to him, he's prob not ready to commit.Listen to him, he's prob not ready to commit.A recent study shows that your man's parents have a lot to do with whether or not he'll commit to your relationship. Don't let that be an excuse: He's still a big boy and makes his own decisions. The problem? He doesn't always know-or tell you-about his intentions. That's why we asked Vondie Lozano, PhD, a California-based relationship therapist, to give us the low-down on the signs he can't commit.

By Meagan Morris

1. He Can't Commit to the Small Stuff
Everyone has to reschedule a date or is late from time to time, but it's a problem if he makes a habit of it. If he can't commit to something little like that on a regular basis, it's not a good sign.

2. He Moves Too Fast
He brought up marriage on the third date, so you figured he was ready for a long-term thing. Now, he's avoiding you. What gives? He's not mature enough to actually make a commitment if he comes on really strong at first, but then loses interest. That's a sign he's just in it for the thrill of the chase.

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3. He Just Got Out of a Relationship
Don't expect him to make a real commitment if you're his first relationship after a bad breakup. Sure, it can work out…but it rarely does.

4. He Can't Keep His Eyes to Himself
It's one thing to appreciate a random hot person while you're in a relationship (we do it, too). But, he's definitely not ready to commit if he's constantly checking out other women while he's out with you. And frankly, you deserve better.

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5. He Doesn't Make You a Priority
We get it: He has a stressful job that takes all of his time during the week. But, if he insists on spending his weekends with his boys and fitting you in whenever, that's not cool.

6. He Hasn't Introduced You to His Inner Circle
You've been seeing him on the regular for a few months, but he "forgets" to bring you along when he goes out with his buds or out to dinner with his parents. If it happens more than once, it's not an innocent mistake-he's just not ready to include you in his world.

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7. He Tells You He's Not Ready
Guys do this (and, don't get us wrong, it's annoying): They'll say they don't want a relationship but keep calling, leaving you thinking he really does. Nope. It's tempting to hold out and hope he'll change, but you should definitely listen if he says he doesn't want a serious relationship.

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