7 Signs to Know He is Interested or Not

7 Signs to Know He is Interested or Not

Have you ever found yourself ticking A, B or C when quizzing your mind with help of some women magazines? While some of you answer it honestly and others play peek-a-boo with the results only aiming for the perfect score in knowing your man. You would be happy in knowing that there is much more to keep in mind beyond just this.

A man's mind is an unknown territory. Trying to tame it through the stomach is passé. We tell you to poke around some signals and decipher them properly.

Up, close and personal!
No matter where he is looking, if he brings his upper body close to you he likes you. Indulging in an eye lock for more than 5 seconds means he is getting really involved.

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Smirk or Smile
If he smirks at you and not smile, he is playing hard to get. But, if he puts up a fake smile it is to tell you that while he is enjoying your company, romantic sparks are not flying!

Talk to me
If he sits with his toes pointed towards each other, it shows that he is looking for reassurance that you like him too. If he is too quiet, then he is surely shy and unsure of what to do at the date.

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If his hand reaches out to get you, then he is eagerly waiting to explore a relationship on an emotional level, and not just physical. While PDAs don't go down well with some girls, there are guys who want to show you off to the world.

Touch or Talk?
If you sexually arouse him, he would touch your back and sensitive areas like upper thigh. A guy who uses his hands while talking is often a good communicator. If he laughs easily, then he is letting down all guards and thinking long-term. He is sensitive towards you if he leaves you with a peck on your cheek. But, if he hugs and kisses you often then he is the one looking out for variety and excitement.

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Too close too far
If you both walk together holding hands matching each other's pace, you both are more than just lovers. Being your partner's support system is what is much needed nowadays. If he flirts with you in public, he still finds you irresistible. If you two sit really close in social gatherings, you are meant to be together! If a little away from each other at a party, but his eyes look out for you, he is counting seconds until you both are together again.

Seeking attention?
Playing with his nose or ear, tapping his fingers, looking away while talking, covering his mouth with his hand all signal that he is not that interested anymore.

Whether he is crazy about you, a bit possessive, or not just that into you is something you can find for yourself. Enjoy some fun revelations!

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