7 Things You Don't Know About Your Man

He likes to do what?!He likes to do what?!We cracked up when we saw a recent study that found most men don't know basic info about their girlfriends, like her bra size or birthday. But apparently there's plenty we don't know about our S.O.s, too. We got the guys at ModernMan.com to spill.

By Ky Henderson

1. He Doesn't Tell His Guys Much About You, But Still Talks About His Exes
Don't freak-it's no big deal at all. For starters, women are way worse than men when it comes to what they reveal to their friends about the man they're with right now. A man, on the other hand, remains pretty tight-lipped about his girl; after all, he doesn't want his buddies picturing her naked. But sometimes guys need to brag about something if sexual escapades are being discussed, so they'll trot out old stories about exes.

2. He Thinks Your Bestie Is Hot
Oh, and also your frenemy. And your best friend's frenemy. And your friend from work. And your little sister. And …you get the idea. It doesn't mean he's going to make or move or even would want to make a move. But if there are any attractive women in your life-or even not-so-attractive ones-you can be sure that your guy has a pretty detailed mental image of what he imagines she looks like naked.

3. He Uses Your Products Sometimes
This could simply be because he needs shampoo, and your kelp-based, amino-acid-infused, unicorn-fur-enhanced shampoo is the first one he sees. But he'll also, say, sneak under-eye cream if he thinks he looks tired or hungover-or if he's just not feeling pretty that day and needs a pick-me-up.

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4. There's a Lot of Guy Stuff He Doesn't Know How to Do
Never seen him change a tire? Or hang a shelf? Or so much as pound a nail into a 2x4? It could be he has no idea how to do some or all of these things-it's not like instructions for doing them are handed out with penises-and silently lives in fear of the day when that will be revealed.

5. He's Insecure About His Height/Weight/Muscles
He may rub his belly and make jokes about his 30-pack, have the confidence and bravado of a tall person despite being 5'6", or brag about his penis size, but all guys have physical traits that they're self-conscious of.

6. He Likes Love, Actually
Okay, maybe not that movie specifically- although for whatever reason, Love, Actually is a secret favorite of many guys-but there are definitely silly, sappy rom coms that your dude digs, no matter how much he may complain about being "forced" to watch them.

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7. He Masturbates Even More Than You Think
No matter how much sex guys are having, they still take care of themselves fairly regularly. It's no reflection on you. It's just what we do.

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