7 Things I Love About Being Single

This morning, I woke up sprawled on top of my computer, which was snuggled next to me in bed. This isn't unusual-while I try to get my writing done at my desk, I sometimes do my best writing lying down (I'm sure a psychoanalyst would have a field day with that one!)-and late into the night.

I know, falling asleep cuddled next to a computer sounds sort of depressing, but quite honestly, at this point in my life, while I'd rather wake up to a man I love than the comp, I'm okay with it. Here are the seven reasons why I'm loving living solo:

1. Creativity at mealtime-I'm trying a new thing where I only eat food that's at home (as opposed to takeout) and since I skipped the grocery store last week, pickings are slim in my apartment. Which is why the other night, I had a PB&J&honey&banana slices & granola on top for dinner-so gross but so good!

2. No volume control-No, not that way! I mean, I can have late night phone conversations or watch TV until whenever, if I want. When I lived with roommates and was dating a guy, I used to have to lock myself in the bathroom and sit in the tub if we were having a late night phone convo because our apartment had paper thin walls.

3. Plenty of dance party marathon opportunities-I was listening to Pandora.com and a song (I won't tell you which one, you'll make fun of me, but FINE, it was Summer of '69!) came on the radio and I could totally rock out to it.

4. Space to practice awkward yoga poses-right now, it's my mini-goal to do a decent crow position in yoga, so whenever I'm bored in my apartment, I'll bust out that pose. I don't know if I would do that if I was living with someone.

5. An always available party pad
-I don't have to ask anyone if I want to invite people over!

6. Ability to throw my clothes wherever I want. Unless people are coming over, there's always a trail of sweaters and shoes from the front door to my bedroom, and I'm fine with that.

7. The opportunity to let my creative imagination run wild-I had a blast decorating this apartment, from buying cute furniture I like to hanging framed Audrey Hepburn posters on one wall and weird modern art on the other. I love that my apartment has a girlish, bohemian, romantic vibe and totally feels like mine-and for now, I'm loving that.

What about you? If you're single, are there things you love about living solo? Or if you're in a relationship, anything you miss? What's the best part of living with someone?


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