7 Things Your Man Can Learn from Juan Pablo, the New Bachelor

7 Things Your Man Can Learn from Juan Pablo, the New Bachelor7 Things Your Man Can Learn from Juan Pablo, the New BachelorEvery Monday night I am glued to my TV screen, watching as Juan Pablo romances the ladies on The Bachelor. I tweet every date and emotional breakdown. I ooh and ah at the grandeur of it all. From helicopter rides to sledding on fake snow in Los Angeles, Juan Pablo pulls out all of the stops.

I know what you're thinking. He doesn't plan these dates, silly! The producers are behind it all! True. But imagine how amazing it would be if your man would take a note from JP. Whether your boyfriend comes up with a date idea, or he consults with his BFF (in Juan Pablo's case, Chris Harrison), it truly is the thought that counts. Even if it isn't his thought.

What smooth moves can your man pick up from Juan Pablo? Oh, he can learn a thing or two. Here are seven things your man can learn from Juan Pablo, the new Bachelor.

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1. Seduce with Language
Ay! The language of love is definitely Español, and Juan Pablo speaks it frequently and fluently. The girls on The Bachelor swoon as soon as Juan Pablo utters an "
hola" or "bella." Your man doesn't have to become a Spanish-speaking pro, but he can learn how to say a few words and phrases in Spanish. He can start with, "Te amo." (I love you).

2. Make Everything Fun
One of the best aspects of Juan Pablo's personality is how much he likes to have fun. He likes to laugh. He likes to try new things. If your relationship seems to be stuck in a rut due to routines, JP is the perfect example of a man who can bring adventure to just about any situation. Have your man sit through an episode, and nudge him whenever Juan Pablo is just giddy. Maybe he'll mirror his behavior.

3. More Compliments
Juan Pablo is a fan of compliments. He calls the women on The Bachelor beautiful and classy. Most men in relationships forget the little things, like complimenting their girl just because. After a while, your man may stop making you feel extra special. No bueno! Your man should take note of how amazing you are. And tell you.

4. Get Physical
Juan Pablo is a former pro soccer player, which is why his body is tight. Those abs are to die for! And that's because he works out. Your man needs to do the same. Don't let yourself go, honey! Lest I run away with Juan Pablo.

5. Be Supportive
Even when dealing with drunk contestants (I'm talking to you, Victoria!), Juan Pablo is still supportive. He talks to the women in a soft tone, particularly when they are having emotional breakdowns. I don't know about your man, but my exes didn't know how to deal with these moments. Tell your man to just be there, and lend you a listening ear, even if you're as drunk as a skunk. I mean, Victoria.

6. Cook You Breakfast
On this week's episode of The Bachelor, Juan Pablo surprised the girls bright and early and cooked breakfast. He made arepas, a traditional Venezuelan meal. And it was very sweet! I can't count how many times I've lied in bed and thought, I wish I had a man cooking me breakfast right now. Instead, I have to get my booty into the kitchen. So, tell your man to cook you breakfast in bed once in a while. It's a romantic gesture and you deserve to be pampered from time to time.

7. Love Her Natural Beauty
When Juan Pablo was eating breakfast with the girls, many of the women were embarrassed to be in his presence without any makeup or hair pieces. But you know what was great? That Juan Pablo said he loves to see women without all that muss and fuss. He loved to see them in pajamas and just as themselves. That's how your man should love you too - naturally.

-By Sujeiry Gonzalez

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