7 Things Men Want To Hear From Women in Bed

You already know that your mouth is a powerful tool when it comes to turning him on. But we bet you've never used it like this...

By Zoe Ruderman

Guys often tell us that they wish women were more vocal in bed. But it turns out they may not just be referring to what you moan during the deed. According to sex therapist Megan Fleming, PhD, the phrases you use before things ramp up can seriously intensify his arousal. "One of men's biggest turn-ons is seeing their partner aroused," explains Fleming. So verbally letting your guy know that you can't wait to jump his bones can make him go from six to noon in seconds. And bonus - there's something in it for you too: saying something naughty can also boost your libido, since it gets you in a sexed up state of mind. So commit a few of the following lines to memory and use them tonight...

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1. "I can't wait to feel you inside me."

2. "Wow, your [insert body part] has been looking awesome lately."

*Choose a body part that you know he focuses on at the gym, recommends Fleming. So if he's been logging serious time on the bench press machine, mention how cut his arms are looking.

3. "Just looking at you is making me wet."

4. "Hold on, let me memorize every detail for my spank bank."

5. "I've been thinking about doing this all day."

6. "How am I ever going to decide where to lick you first?"

7. "We're definitely leaving the lights on tonight."

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