7 Things You Should Never Discuss with Your Guy

Keep mum on these topics.Keep mum on these topics.When Jennifer Lawrence said she and her bf talk about how hot other girls' butts are, we thought, um… . Obviously you're comfortable with your man, but some topics can shut down the romance-fast. Curious to know what other minefields you should avoi, we consulted Diana Kirschner, PhD, CEO of LoveIn90Days.com. Her advice…

By Korin Miller

1. How You Really Feel About His Parents
Don't go there. Just don't. Even if he knows his mom is a controlling nightmare, he's still going to defend her if you point out the obvious.

2. Why You Were in the Bathroom for 15 Minutes
Sure, everybody poops. But nothing kills romance faster than discussing what went down on the porcelain throne.

3. Your Celeb Crush
Sure, we all know Ryan Gosling is freaking hot. Heck, your guy knows he's freaking hot, too. But mentioning it in front of him will just make him feel bad…or jealous. Either way, you don't want that reaction.

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4. How Long It Took to Get Ready
Part of keeping the spark going in your relationship is keeping a little mystery. That includes keeping your pre-date prep under wraps. You want your man to focus on the end result, not all the effort that went into it.

5. Breakouts
Zits suuuck and unless your man is a closet supermodel, he gets them too. But even if you're feeling totally insecure about that monster pimple that popped up last night, don't point it out. You know he won't have the right response and then you'll just feel awkward.

6. Your Body Issues
Guys always tell us it drives them nuts when their gfs ask if something makes them look fat. Men have a hard time relating to this, and they never know what to say. Not only that, confidence is sexy. So even if you feel like you're having a bad thigh day, shake it off. You'll feel hotter in the process, too.

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7. Deets of Your Period
It's okay to tell him it's that time of the month if you or he aren't comfortable with period sex, but take a pass on chatting about bloating or feeling gross when Flo comes to town.

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