7 Things You Should Never Do at a Bachelorette Party

No matter where you're headed for a bachelorette party this summer-Vegas, Miami, the local martini bar-BRIDES magazine offers seven tips all girls should tuck in their bag along with the lip gloss. Friends should never let friends:

1. Permit strange men to nibble their candy necklace.

2. Be required to walk down the street deep-throating a hot dog.

3. Ask guys to autograph their T-shirt.

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4. Sleep with strangers on weekend getaways.

5. Get so drunk that they embarrass themselves in front of a future sister-in-law.

6. Pose naked for a photo, no matter how "artistic."

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7. Do anything with a blow-up doll-male, female, or anything in-between.

-- Hillary Quinn, BRIDES magazine

image via James Merell/Brides

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