7 Ways to Know You're Actually in Love

Is it like, love, or lust?Is it like, love, or lust?We've heard celebs like Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian confess recently that they fall in love easily. Okay, we get feeling crazy about a guy right away, but how to do you know if you're really in love? Experts break it down for us.

By Korin Miller

1. You're Invested in His Happiness
We're not just talking about rooting for his fave football team on Sunday. You're really in love when you're willing to put his happiness above your own, like skipping a concert that you want to see to stay home and help him get over a bad day.

2. You Want Him to Branch Out
That means you want him to find his own challenges and grow as a person. If you just want him to stay the same and not have any cool adventures, it's not love.

3. You're Cool With His Differences
Sure, if he's a horrible dresser or could use some kissing tips, obviously you'll want to tweak that. But if you're okay knowing that he's obsessed with Jay-Z's music and you're more indie, or that you have different political views and can look beyond it, that's love.

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4. You Can Admit Your Shortcomings...
We know, we know-it sucks to acknowledge that you have a weak area or two. But if you can admit them to your guy and actually want to work on them (starting to be on time for things, picking your battles, etc.), you're golden.

5. …And Can Live With His
Everybody has less than desirable qualities. You're definitely in love if you can accept that he'll be grumpy after his team loses a game or know that he sometimes loses his cool over minor stuff (provided he's willing to work on it).

6. You're Into All of Him
In the beginning of a relationship, you're almost always crazy-hot for each other. But if you're just as hot for him even after you know about his weird foot rash, that's a good sign.

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7. You Could See Yourself Having His Kids
Okay, not everyone wants to have kids, and we get that. If you have thought about having a family…someday, and suddenly find yourself thinking about what your kids would look like or how he'd be as a father, you're definitely hooked.

SOURCES: Paul Coleman, PsyD, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Intimacy; Wendy Walsh, PhD, author of the upcoming book, The 30 Day Love Detox

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