8 Cheap Dates To Go On Before Summer Ends

These no-planning-required trysts that leave tons of time for fun. Think you're a great date? Take this quiz to find out for sure.

1. Host a Supercasual Soiree
It's so easy - provide a few bottles of wine and ask each guest to bring an hors d'oeuvre. Perfect for a summer Friday night: Try a sauvignon blanc like Chateau Bonnet Bordeaux Blanc, $10, or Yellow Tail's new pinot grigio, $7. Or go for a trendy rosé and pick up a bottle of Marques de Caceres, $7.
This dish is perfect for a double-date.

2. Make a Splash
On Saturday afternoon, beat the heat - and scrap any stuffy workweek grown-upness - by heading to a local water park with your guy and some friends. Spend the day splashing around and racing each other down the slides. Or treat him to a date he'll remember forever.

3. Indulge in a Double Feature

Sunday afternoon, head to the movies with your guy. Buy tickets for back-to-back flicks, and spend the afternoon in air-conditioned bliss. Here's how to totally rock a first date.

4. Have a Zero-Stress Sunday Dinner

Who wants to deal with fussy cooking tonight? Whip up these tweaked-out BLTs, courtesy of David Seawell, executive chef at Fog City Diner, in San Francisco. For each, melt mozzarella cheese on a roll or bread in the oven, then remove and add crisped bacon and roasted peppers. Top with sliced red onion, watercress, and mayo. Then sit back and savor your dinner before the Monday-morning rush sets in. Brush up on these kissing dos and don'ts before your next date.

5. Have a Star-Studded Evening

To decompress after a long workweek, make your Friday-night date with your man relaxing and romantic. Grab some vino and a blanket to cuddle on while you lie in your yard and gaze at some stars.
Here's how to make sure that second date isn't your last.

6. Play the Post-it Note Game

When your fave bar finally opens its outdoor seating area, meet your crew for a Saturday-afternoon brew and this Hollywood game. Stick a Post-it Note with a celeb's name on it to each person's forehead, then have your pals guess their "identities" by asking yes or no questions. Fun themes to try: "Which character from The Jersey Shoream I?"

7. Make It a Fiesta for Two

Order some caliente Spanish tapas and get a taste of summer with this peach sangria recipe courtesy of The Acorn in Nashville: In a 32 oz. pitcher, combine 6 oz. vanilla vodka, 6 oz. orange-flavored rum, 8 oz. champagne, 4 oz. peach brandy, and 8 oz. cranberry juice. Serve over ice with sliced peaches, oranges, cherries, and mint leaves. Then invite your beau inside to do the mattress mambo.

8. Do Something Outdoorsy
You know that guys dig chicks who can get a little down and dirty. So on Sunday afternoon, take your dude hiking, in-line skating, or biking. You may not look as polished as you usually do, but he'll be psyched that you want to do something physical. especially after being cooped up in the office under fluorescent lights all week. Single-gal hint: If it's one of the first times you're hanging out, turning the date unto an activity instead of a glorified interview (read: dinner) takes off a ton of pressure. Got a big date and nothing to wear? Find out what guys want to see you wear.

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