8 Date Ideas for Couples without Kids

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Beware of falling prey to the monotony of the dating rut! Here are 8 different types of DINK dates to keep your relationship in overdrive.

8 Great DINK Date Ideas8 Great DINK Date Ideas

One of the great things about being a DINK is that date night doesn't require a lot of planning. There are no babysitters to schedule, no bedtime routines to work around, and no worrying about needing to get back home to the kids. We are free to go out whenever and wherever we want. But, despite this freedom to do as we please, it's easy to just go with what you know on any given Saturday night…or Wednesday night for that matter.

However, we know it's new experiences that make our lives what they are, and it's important to keep our relationships fresh and adventurous. Try throwing one of these 8 different types of dates in the mix the next time you find yourself stuck in a pizza-and-a-movie rut.

1. The "carpe diem" date: One of the best things about being a DINK is that the only person you are responsible for is yourself (and sometimes your partner). This means that the next time you get a whim to try a new restaurant or pack a cooler and head to the lake, just do it. Don't wait until you can make a plan. Who needs plans? Part of the fun of the DINK lifestyle is the freedom it provides. Seize the moment and surprise your S.O. with a last-minute date.

2. The undergrad date: Remember the college all-nighters spent playing beer pong or cabbing from the bar to IHOP for the anti-hangover meal? Young or young at heart, there is nothing more fun than spending a night out on the town. Hit up the local bars or music scene. Dance until your feet hurt. Sing bad karaoke at 3 a.m. when everyone's drunk and has no idea that you can't carry a tune. Then find a romantic spot to watch the sunrise before you head back home.

3. The bed & breakfast date: It's the weekend. No alarm clocks, no kids to wake you up, no morning commute to the office. Weekend mornings are the perfect time to snuggle in bed with your sweetie for an extra hour or two, or maybe even get a little frisky. Follow that up with a cozy breakfast in bed or romantic brunch at a sidewalk café. Let all the stress of the workweek go as you relax and reconnect.

4. The classic candlelit dinner: Sure, it may be simpler to order Chinese takeout, but where's the romance? The next time you have a dinner date with your S.O., make it a romantic one. Cook a delicious meal and have a candlelit dinner at home. Or make a reservation for that upscale restaurant you've been dying to try. (Just remember, the best way to eat in peace is to plan dinner dates for after most kids' bedtimes.) Sometimes all it takes is a romantic backdrop to rev up the romance.

5. The Houdini date: Sometimes you just need to grab your partner by the hand and escape, even if it's just for the weekend. Hop a plane to the nearest destination city or drive until the map turns blue. You don't even have to go far for a weekend getaway. Steal away in a cozy bed and breakfast nearby or a swanky downtown hotel. Sure, you can spend some quality couple time alone at home. But when you're home, there are always dishes to do, beds to make, and that big project for work that you need to finish up. A weekend getaway is just what you need when you want to take a little break from your to-do list and reconnect as a couple.

6. The adventure built for two: DINKs are adventurous by nature. So take your love of sports or the great outdoors and multiply it by two with an active adventure date. Go backpacking, join a bowling league, hit up a local amusement park, take a walking tour of your city, anything to get you off the couch and out the door. Active adventure dates are not only fun, but they're a sneaky form of exercise as well.

7. The brain booster date: We all enjoy learning new skills and expanding our minds. What better way to learn something new than to do it with your partner? Take salsa dancing lessons. Try out a cooking class. Head to your local art museum or botanical garden for a guided tour. You'll boost your brain and your bond.

8. The old faithful: While it's important to keep things interesting, sometimes it's nice to know that you can simply relax and be comfortable with your partner. Everyone has their own "old faithful" when it comes to dating. It may be dinner and a movie, ordering in Chinese food, or Dexter marathons on Netflix. Whatever it is, enjoy the comfort you have in being a couple and not having to constantly strive to impress each other. Just make sure you don't get stuck in a dating rut, and always keep it fun!

Tell us, what are your favorite kinds of DINK dates? Do you and your partner do anything different and exciting that you think other DINKs will enjoy? Tell us - on DINKlife.com