8 Gifts Your Guy Will Love

These finds are capable of making him look hotter, party harder, work out longer, oh, and give you hotter, harder, longer orgasms. So, uh yeah, look no further.

By Zoë Ruderman

The Non-Murse Man BagThe Non-Murse Man Bag

He no longer has to choose between asking you to hold his sunglasses, water bottle, and iPad (annoying) and carrying around an unnecessarily large messenger bag.
bluemarlinclothing.com, ($110)

Flight Lessons. Yes, We Said Flight Lessons.Flight Lessons. Yes, We Said Flight Lessons.

For less than a hundred bucks, you can do something for him no other woman has: put him in the pilot seat. The courses, which last a few hours, are offered at 3,000 locations around the country.
letsgoflying.com , (Around $99)
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Hilarious ReadingHilarious Reading

Does he like sports? What about things that make him laugh? The Onion's got you covered.
amazon.com ($21.99)

On-Trend BootsOn-Trend Boots

Hand-constructed leather kicks with rawhide laces and brass detailing-like the ones sold at Bonobos-fit and feel like an old pair of worn-in sneakers, but look nothing like them.
bonobos.com/ (Starting around $130)

Headphones That Do It AllHeadphones That Do It All

These New Balance buds convert into over-the-ear headphones, have a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and stop watch, and sync up with your guy's computer so he can track all of the info and set goals.
ihomeaudio.com, ($99)
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The Gift for Him That's Really For YouThe Gift for Him That's Really For You

Our latest book features positions guaranteed to send you (and him) over the edge, a steamy map of your body so he knows just how to touch you, and tons more naughty info. Just be prepared to call out sex, er, sick from work post-holidays because you're not going to want to get out of bed after he reads this puppy.

barnesandnoble.com, ($12.08)

The Manly Man's Winter VestThe Manly Man's Winter Vest

This garment was dubbed "The Aristocrat of All Down Jackets" in the 1940s. We would have gone with something more along the lines of "The Sexy Lumberjack", but they didn't consult us first. The vest is one of Eddie Bauer's bestsellers for good reason-it's soft, cozy, and doesn't make a dude look like the Michelin man like some down outerwear does.

eddiebauer.com, ($149)

A Customizable iPad CaseA Customizable iPad Case

The cool new site caseable.com lets you upload a photo-like a shot from a recent trip with your guy-and use it to personalize an iPad jacket or case. Now all that's left to do is make sure he's downloaded CFG on that iPad...
caseable.com, (starting at $49.90)

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