8 niche dating sites you probably aren't eligible for

This couple could have met because they both farm or because they both wear uniforms. Either way, they're meant for each other. (ThinkStock Photos)This couple could have met because they both farm or because they both wear uniforms. …Wouldn't it be hilarious if sea captains had a dating site? It would. So some internet jester created a site exclusively for sailors in search of a "first mate." It's most likely a joke, but know who isn't laughing? Members of FarmersOnly, the dating site for seed sowers. Totally real niche matchmaking sites that seem totally fake are popping up across the internet. The Gloss and the New York Times rounded up a few. Here's our very own hand-picked list of 'who knew?' sites designed with very particular people in mind.

  1. UniformDating.com: Designed for firefighters, milkmaids, and anyone who has a job that requires them to wear a fetishized outfit on a daily basis. It's also open to anyone who wants to date people in those jobs. Odds are this group makes up the the majority of the site's users.
  2. 1in4-date.com: "Got herpes? Who cares? So do we!" That's the tag line. Pretty straightforward.
  3. Shypassions.com: Designed for people with social anxiety who are still totally comfortable meeting a stranger after a few email exchanges. This seems like the wrong approach for the super shy, but if it worked for you, I'd love to hear about it. Maybe going into a blind date knowing you're both equally nervous eases the pressure...or scars you for life.
  4. FarmersOnly.com: Because "city folks just don't get it," as the tagline suggests. On behalf of city folk, I'd like to say we do. It's hard enough to meet eligible singles in a packed bar. But imagine being stuck with your extended family surrounded by 60 acres of corn. Plus those early morning hours! This site should be government funded.
  5. TrekPassions.com: Ladies, scoff if you must, but this may be the only dating website that's 98 percent male.
  6. cupidtino.com: A site for Mac lovers only. PCs will be mocked for their inability to make instant Photobooth pictures. There's a good chance this was created by people sick of dating Mac snobs, looking to isolate them from the rest of the internet dating pool. In fact, why don't we just call every site dating-for-people-who-have-a-normal-relationship-with-their-computer.
  7. StachePassions.com: Mustache lovers unite here. Bad news for the lazy lady groomers: It's for men with "staches and the women who love them." Not the other way around. Double standard much?
  8. Datemypet.com: Contrary to how it sounds, this site is totally legal. Pets are only being exploited, not prostituted by their owners. Phew. If you love your dog or cat so much it's become conflated with your quest for a soulmate, you're not alone. Double, phew.

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