8 other hot new books about the measure of a man (specifically his chest)

A chest in a vest-
Also about: three stories involving supernatural creatures driven by lust. One of them is a "powerful shifter-wolf" which is totally going to be the new vampire.
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 3:54 PM EDT
Everyone's talking about Jonathan Franzen's new book Freedom, out this week. The novel follows a stifled middle class patriarch and the dark underpinnings of his seemingly ideal family unit. New York Magazine calls it a work of genius. The New York Times says this really long, good thing: "With this book, he's not only created an unforgettable family, he's also completed his own transformation from a sharp-elbowed, apocalyptic satirist focused on sending up the socio-economic-political plight of this country into a kind of 19th-century realist concerned with the public and private lives of his characters."

Okay. Sounds good. What's the cover look like? Oh. There's a bird on it. These books, also out this week, have men's ripped chests on the cover.