8 reasons why he's a lover, not a breeder

We have an article in December's Glamour magazine called "Guys' Weird New Habits: Why? Why?" One new habit we looked into were vasectomies for the under-30 -- it seems a small but growing number of men are doing it. Not only did we speak with urologists who perform them (like Dr. Doug Stein) but also with those who undergo them, like Jeremy Youngman, a single, childless tattoo artist outside Chicago who got snipped at age 27. He gave us a long and colorful list of reasons why (without skipping a beat), which we couldn't fit in the feature, but wanted to share since he was so fun to talk with:

  • I think one of the world's biggest problems is overpopulation and I will not contribute to it
  • I love dogs and would rather have a lot of those
  • I find it hard enough to make my own good decisions, let alone instill morals and scruples in another person
  • I can't make doctor / dentist / hairstylist appointments regularly for myself, let alone someone who needs them
  • I don't eat right, and wouldn't want the responsibility of someone else's nutrition
  • I like my sleep uninterrupted
  • If I want to travel, not having kids means a lot less luggage
  • I like to walk around the house naked whenever I want
See the rest of his reasons for remaining childless here!