8 Secret Insecurities Your Guy Has

Aww, boys are sensitive too...Aww, boys are sensitive too...We immediately thought "aww!" when we read that Robert Pattinson hates being shirtless since he doesn't have a six-pack. Apparently it doesn't matter that he's one of the hottest guys in the world-all men have their hang-ups. We pumped our friends at ModernMan.com for more details on the biggest body insecurities guys face.

By Korin Miller

His Butt
Guys know we like a good rear view, and they're wary of "pancake butt." That's why they're willing to shell out $100 bucks for Bonobos jeans-they promise to make their tush look tight.

His Abs
Even if he's hasn't been to the gym since New Year's, guys still want to wow you when they whip off their shirts.

His Hands
It seems random, but guys can be sensitive about having hands and wrists that are on the dainty side. And then there's that whole "big hangs, big penis" myth to contend with...

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His Hair
If he has it, he wants to keep it-and flaunt the hell out of it. If he doesn't, he's working his butt off to save what he has left.

His Facial Hair
This goes back to his teenage years when he was dying to grow just about anything on his face. That excitement never wore off-dudes would all wear lumberjack beards if they didn't think you'd be so turned off by it.

His Excess Fur
Back hair, bushy chest hair, nose hair, nipple hair…yeah, they know it's not pretty.

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His Height
You know how your ideal man is at least slightly taller than you when you're wearing heels? Yeah, they're aware of that, too.

His Diet
Guys can be worse than girls when it comes to looking good for bikini season. While you're working your butt off at the gym, he's doing it, too-and secretly starving himself so he looks good in his board shorts.

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