8 Times He Wants You to Brag About Him

Shocker. He wants you to brag about his package.Shocker. He wants you to brag about his package.We polled guys to find out what they're cool with you singing their praises about to your friends-and what they'd rather stay private.

By Amary Wiggin

His Package: Brag Away
As long as you're talking about how big it is, 73 percent of dudes are more than okay with you sharing that info with your girls (and, really, the world)

His Kissing Skills: Brag Away
A whopping 87 percent love when you tell you friends what a great kisser he is. We're guessing a neck-nibbling report is also fair game.

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Pet Names: No Way
You can call him Snickerdoodle all you want-just don't tell anyone.

Gifts: Brag Away
Eighty-six percent say if they buy you a present, feel free to tell your friends about it. (The other 14 percent must give really lame gifts.)

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Dirty Talk: No Way
He may be all 50 Shades of Grey in the sack, but he'd rather keep his public persona a little less, uh, grey.

Date Details: Brag Away
Come on, do you really think he'd object to getting credit for having a romantic moment and actually planning a date? Course not-88 percent say go ahead and dish.

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Orgasms: Brag Away

He gave you an orgasm. Go ahead and describe the whole thing... in detail. Use hand gestures if you need to. We repeat: He gave you an orgasm.

Manscaping: No Way
The votes were pretty split on this one-but do everyone a favor and keep the pubic hair off the table. Do your friends really want to hear about that over brunch anyway?

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Post-Sex Cuddling: No Way
Another close one, but a lot of guys say they don't want you telling anyone he was the little spoon last night. We think they just have a problem with the word "cuddling."

How Long He Lasted: Brag Away
Finishing too soon is his No. 1 sex fear, so clearly an Olympic-level-stamina night is worth repeat mentions to anyone who will listen.

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His Sweet Side: Brag Away
Nearly 85 percent have no problem with you sharing anything that polishes their nice guy image (accept anything having to do with cuddling, it seems). So if he brings you soup when you're sick, go on and tell your friends. And your mom while you're at it.

Compliments He Gives: Brag Away
Even if he's telling you your hair smells like grass (is that good?), he thinks he's being poetic. Which, according to 86 percent of guys, is worth bragging about.

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