8 truly romantic engagement proposals

Every proposal video on the Internet promises to be the best ever. Very few keep their vows. It's far easier to find videos of surprise engagements that went awry than it is to find clips of truly romantic moments. Blame the Internet. With YouTube celebrities born every day, the best intentions can quickly turn into a chance to show off.

With all of the elaborate planning and production value, the original intention gets lost in the mix. It takes an extra ingredient to make total strangers tear up at a clever proposal. For Chad, the ingredient came through an iPhone. "I proposed to my girlfriend, Vy, by writing a song and making a music video for her," he explains beneath the video that's been viewed today by almost 100,000. "We went out to see a film at our favorite movie theater and she was completely surprised once she figured out what was playing on the screen wasn't actually an iPhone commercial."

The four-month effort and flawless execution are impressive. But the part that makes it extra nice? "Vy's been wanting me to write a song for her for a very long time." Chad's ode to Vy, "Addicted to You," the pop synth ballad that accompanies the clever graphics and iPhone parody, trumps the surprise and the viral applause.

Consider a few other filmed proposals that lived up to their promise of both romance and surprise. Warning: May require tissues.

The Glee Club: Most people wouldn't turn to a group of college kids to help with a proposal. Unless those young co-eds are The Michigan State University Accafellas. Step aside Eric Clapton (and Eric Clapton's guitar), this lineup of gents take "Wonderful Tonight" from slow jam to meditative hymn without so much as a plucked string. It's the kind of moment that turns a guy from dork to devilishly handsome. One clever alumni, buried in the thick of the altos, used the magic moment to pull his lady to the mic for a duet.

Morning Wake-up: As rare as it is for local news anchors to break character, it's common for them to propose on air. The Internet is flooded with weathermen, reporters, and anchors getting popped the question, with awkward results. Most of them seem torn between flattery and fear that their candor will get them canned. Morning show host Teri Bowers seemed to go through a moment of that when her co-anchor Frank Mitchell popped the question. After four years sharing the "Good Morning, Oklahoma" couch, they'd fallen in love but decided to keep their romance a secret. By spilling the beans Mitchell raises the bar on risky proposals. But it sure does pay off.

Mile High Club: You don't really want to quote Jerry Maguire's famous "You complete me" line in a proposal. Unless it's pre-empted by "This is your captain speaking." Passengers on a Delta flight were treated to live entertainment, when a man in love managed to convince the pilot to pop the question for him. Almost makes up for the $10 in-flight ham and cheese sandwich. Almost.

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Runways are red: When she went to the airport to pick up her boyfriend, a Navy Officer returning from a tour of duty, she didn't expect to leave with so much baggage. Her future husband was the last to come of the plane. But every other passenger greeted her as they exited, with a bouquet of roses. By the time he walked out of the hangar, he barely had to ask her anything.

Jewel of the sea: Forget flowers. Say it with dolphins. For their four-year anniversary the couple treated themselves to a day with the good-natured mammals. This surprise proposal was sweet in part because it really was a surprise. Also, dolphins kiss.

In a world...: This four minute trailer is better left unexplained. Just know that the bad production value, the eerie over-acting and the confusing plot-line have a major payoff. Also know: This was first screened in a theater surrounded by 160 close friends. The recipient of the surprise, arrived in the dark and had no idea they were there. For a post-film commentary, check out the director's explanation under the clip.

Silly love song:
If Paul McCartney could oversee every engagement proposal, the world wouldn't need the word no. At a concert in Pittsburgh, just last month, the Beatles' romantic sang "My Love" as a member of the audience popped the question. First dance song? Check. In-text

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