8 New Ways to Flirt with Your Guy

A little trash talking never hurt anybody, right?A little trash talking never hurt anybody, right?The Avengers hottie Chris Evans recently said in an interview that he's looking for a girl who isn't afraid to bust his balls. We've definitely heard that from dudes before, so we consulted the guys from ModernMan.com for the best ways to trash-talk with your man (without coming off like a total you-know-what). These moments are ripe for a little ribbing.

By Korin Miller

He Bowls a 70
You Say: "Want me to see if we can get you some bumpers?"
Why It Works: Ever heard your man talk to his friends? Trash-talking is how they communicate. In this situation, you're acknowledging what he already knows (he really sucks at bowling) without throwing him a pity party, which will only make him feel worse.

He Spills His Beer-Again

You Say: "Aw, usually you don't start doing that till your 9th beer."
Why It Works: Most women freak when a spill happens. Playing it cool-and teasing him in the process-lets your man know it doesn't faze you when he's not his usual suave self. Related: What His Body Language Reveals

You Catch Him Listening to Phil Collins
You Say: "I'll just leave you two alone..."
Why It Works: No one except your mom is willing to cop to loving Phil, so he's going to be embarrassed. Making a joke eases the tension without totally letting him off the hook.

He Gets Random Road Rage

You Say: "That showed him, tough guy!"
Why It Works: Guys will admit it-they can be total a-holes sometimes, and they know they should be called out on it. Case in point…

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He's Hungover After Guys' Night
You Say: "What would you like for breakfast? Liver? Sushi? Whiskey?"
Why It Works: Babying him will just make him feel like even more of an idiot. But offering to grab him breakfast while making light of his stupidity shows you're aware he's not exactly up to par today.

He Got, Uh, Experimental With His Facial Hair

You Say: "Wow-did Seneca Crane help you with that?"
Why It Works: He'll be hurt if you come right out and say you hate his new look. But he could interpret this remark a few ways. For all he knows, maybe you think Seneca Crane is hot.

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He Bombs a Joke
You Say: "I didn't know crickets were out this time of year."
Why It Works: He knows his joke sucked-you're just helping him laugh it off.

His Team Loses to Your Team

You Say: "Just because you cheer for losers doesn't make YOU a loser, babe!"
Why It Works: For reasons we'll never understand guys can get really, really upset when their team loses. Reaffirming that it doesn't mean he's any less awesome (while getting in a teeny gloat) lets everybody win. Read more at Cosmopolitan.com!

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