8 Ways to Say "I Love You" in a Hot Second

There are a million ways to express those three little words, but these are among the sweetest, most aww-worthy we've ever heard. By Anna Davies, REDBOOK.

Make a special request
"When we began dating (back in college!), we used to occasionally request songs on the radio and dedicate them to each other. We still occasionally do that, since we have the same taste in music and have listened to the same old-school radio stations since forever. It's a large reason why I never listen to anything in the car but old-fashioned radio, just in case my guy has a request for me." - Kelly, 31

Put it in writing
Are you and your guy going to be separated for a bit? Instead of relying on text messages, pack a few letters in his suitcase-with specific instructions about when he should open each.

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Spell it out
"I always text my husband the numbers 5683-when they're spelled out on the phone, they read L-O-V-E. Since we're both teachers, I don't want to risk our phones accidentally ending up in the wrong hands and our texts being read, so this is a great way to sneakily say what's on our minds." - Kristin, 30

Have a sense of humor
While you may want to be sincere on major love days, like Valentine's Day and your anniversary, a just-because Wednesday is a great time to ping him with a silly sentiment-filled ecard. It's guaranteed to make his workday a little sweeter.

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Bring back memories

"When we went on our honeymoon in Europe, I bought a ton of postcards from every town we stayed in. Now, five years later, I still have a huge stack-and sometimes, I'll send him one. I will put a stamp on it and put it in the actual mail. He gets a kick out of it when it comes back to our address, and seeing the image on the front is a great way to talk about the first few days of our marriage." - Kayla, 33

Get down to the nitty-gritty
Saying "I love you" is one thing. But counting the ways is special. Did he give you the last ice pop? Perform middle-of-the-night diaper duty? Letting him know how much you appreciated it just may make him do it more often.

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Practice your language skills
"Personally, I think 'Je t'aime'-'I love you' in French-sounds incredibly romantic. Even though I don't really speak any other languages, I make it a point to learn how to say 'I love you' in as many languages as possible. I feel sophisticated when I bust the phrase out-especially in public-and I love how my guy always lights up when he hears it." - Sarah, 36

Go semi-public
"My guy and I hate when couples get all drippily romantic on social media, so we try to do it on the DL by using code names for each other. For instance, I'll say, 'I love craft beer,' to mean that I love him because those are his initials, and he'll say that he loves Scarlett Johansson because he said that he thought I looked like her on one of our first dates. It's cheesy, but it works!" - Jen, 25

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