8 Ways to Be More Experimental in Bed

These moves will wow him.These moves will wow him.Heidi Klum talked about how important it is to be experimental in bed-and we couldn't agree with her more. After a while, intimacy can get kinda, you know, typical, if you don't think outside the box a little. So, to help you find your freaky side, we asked experts for some hot-but totally doable-tips for spicing things up.

By Natasha Burton

1. Play a Game
Jennifer Landa, MD, author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women, suggests that you each jot down a fantasy on a piece of paper-since it's usually easier to write down your deepest desires than talk about them. Then play any kind of competitive game (think: strip poker). The winner gets his or her fantasy acted out but, really, you both win in the end.

2. Think Outside the Bedroom
Simply switching up your location is a novelty and will up the lust factor, says expert Emily Morse. She suggests climbing on the washing machine during the spin cycle, jumping in the shower for some steamy intimate time, or taking the action to the couch, which can help you bend into positions that just aren't possible in bed (just think of what you can do some pillows and an arm rest).

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3. Make a Sexy Bucket List
Write down all the possible places in your house-and outside of it-that might be fun locales for getting it on, Morse suggests. Then, over the course of a month, see how many places you can cross off your list.

4. Eyeball Porn
Watching erotic films together is not only a turn on but it can be a great tool to explore some new moves to try in the bedroom, Morse says. Turn on a steamy flick that you feel comfortable with, and use it as a guide to tell you guys what turns you on and what you're dying to try with him.

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5. Set up a Sexy Scavenger Hunt
Surprise your guy by leaving messages with secret codes or riddles that lead to more messages, Dr. Landa suggests. They ultimately lead to you-and the very sexy scene you've set up. Not only will the anticipation build both of your excitement as you wait for him to find you, but your guy will take pleasure in claiming his prize.

6. Play With Your Senses
Try blindfolding your guy or using earplugs and playing with textures like ice and feathers on his skin. Cutting off one sense like sight or sound heightens his sense of touch, says Dr. Landa.

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7. Share Your Toys
Your favorite bedtime toy doesn't need to be reserved for personal pleasure. Morse recommends revving up your between-the-sheets action by inviting your go-to toy to play along. Bonus for him: The vibration can feel really good for your guy, too.

8. Try a Little Bondage
Relinquishing control with bondage can be a huge turn on and you can easily have some major O-inducing fun. Morse suggests starting with your partner lying face down, then blindfold him and bind his wrists above his head with a neck tie or scarf. Then, give him a sensual massage using oil.

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