9 Characteristics That Predict a Successful Relationship

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There comes a time in every relationship that you find yourself wondering whether or not you can see this "thing" turning into a long-term sort of deal. For me, this feeling starts to come up right around the four-month mark. I start asking myself questions like, "Is he the right guy for me?" and "can I really see myself spending the rest of my life with someone like him?"

Well, according to California-based clinical psychologist and marriage counselor Randi Gunther, there are certain characteristics you should be looking for right off the bat that will tell you the likelihood of your relationship lasting. Read on to find out if you and/or your significant other fit the traits. And go to Psychology Today to see the full article, as well as the seven characteristics that strain relationships over time.

Physical desirability
"It is not limited to just sex appeal. Physical desirability is an overarching feeling people have when they look at someone who physically intrigues them... You will know when you are attracted to someone's physical characteristics because you are entranced by the way they look to you."

"It is not no much their offering of gifts, but their willingness to give that matters. Generous people look for ways to care, often before they are asked. They pay attention to what others want."

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"It takes a lot of energy to maintain close and intimate relationships, and these people make it a high priority... You will know when you are with a successfully social person when you feel automatically included in their personal circle."


"Compassionate people don't miss a beat when their lovers are in trouble. They are especially available when things are not going so well... You will know you're with a compassionate person when you feel comfortable being vulnerable and don't feel you have to cover your faults."

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"They don't seem to worry about making mistakes because they accept their own faults, and are eager to know how others see them... They just have a strong sense of self that is not easily threatened, and don't need to cover when unexpectedly exposed."

"Integrity and trust are linked. Two people who believe in the same ethics can trust each other's motives and behaviors... You will know when you are with a person of integrity when they are comfortable with what they believe, but are openly interested in your views, even if they are different. The relationship may not work if you can't share the same ethic, however, you will not be overruled."

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"People who see the humor in situations, or laugh just as easily at themselves, are easy to be with... The loss of a sense of humor is the most telling clue that a relationship may be in distress... It is a way of lightening life's challenges so that sorrow is lessened and joy is increased."


"Passion is energy, focus, and intense commitment to a behavior or person. They care deeply. They love with abandon. Life is for living to the fullest and the greatest punishment is the inability to feel."

"They take risks, and aren't afraid of losing as long as they learn to do it better the next time.Confident people are resilient... They mean what they say and do what they promise... They're open to new experiences and don't seem to worry about embarrassment or loss."

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