9 Cheap Date Night Ideas

Having fun with your fella doesn't require spending much, if any, money. Try one of these 9 cheap thrills for a guaranteed good time.

Attend a Live Comedy ShowLaugh Attack: $15
These days, movie tickets can cost you an arm and a leg before you even reach for a bucket of popcorn. But did you know you could enjoy a live performance for the same price? National Comedy Theater (NCT), located in NYC, L.A., Phoenix, Austin, and San Diego, is an improv company that performs 3-hour comedy shows and encourages audience participation. Instead of sitting in silence at the cinema next weekend, sign up for an evening of laughter.

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Eat Your Heart Out: $10
Explore the local farmer's market and find seasonal produce at affordable prices. Put your own spin on the Food Network's popular cooking show Chopped and give yourselves 5 minutes each to select two fresh picks. Then combine those ingredients with what you already have in your fridge to make dinner.

Find local produce in season or a farmer's market near you at simplesteps.org.

Rent BikesRide On: $5
Explore a new neighborhood or revisit yours from a new perspective - on wheels. Renting a bike is easy with B Cycle, located in 13 cities including Denver, Houston, and Madison, Wisconsin. Register online for a $5 membership valid for 24 hours. The first hour is free, and each additional half hour is only $4. Want to save more? If you return your bike to the rental spot within 60 minutes, you can check it out for another hour at no charge. Just think of how many loops around the park you could ride for free.

Gaze and Graze: $5
Enjoy the benefits of camping without the bugs, dirt, and backache in the morning. Fire up the grill in your backyard and roast s'mores or banana boats ($5 for ingredients). Lie on a blanket and nosh on homemade goodies while finding your favorite constellations. If you have an iPhone, download SkyView, a free app that details what you are seeing in the sky. Just point your phone to any bright light, and within seconds you'll learn cool facts about that heavenly body.

Enjoy the Show: $7
Travel back in time and watch a movie from the comfort of your car like Sandy and Danny in Grease. Most drive-ins feature new releases for less than what you'd pay at a regular theater. And you can bring your own snacks! Some drive-ins offer an early and a late showing, with tickets costing about $7. Roll down your windows and head to the nearest drive-in before summer nights drift away.

Prices vary across cities. Find a drive-in near you at drive-ins.com.

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Take a Salsa ClassDance the Night Away: $5
Spice up date night and take a salsa class with your partner. Shake, shimmy, and shuffle around the dance floor as you burn calories and learn new skills. Kansas City Salsa Clubs offer lessons for just $5 every Thursday. Show off your moves at one of the salsa dance clubs in the area for the same price! Classes in the Washington, DC, area usually cost $10, but the first class may be free.

Find a salsa dancing meet-up group near you.

Coffee & Art: $5
Many independent coffee shops host open mic night for aspiring artists hoping to get discovered or looking for an outlet. Curl up with a cup of joe (look out for specials) and some free entertainment after dinner. You won't know the quality of the talent when you walk in, but chances are you'll leave with something to talk about.

Get Educated: Free
Education knows no age limit. College campuses host many free events, such as lecture series that cover topics ranging from architecture to zoology. No notes are required for class, so enjoy the discussion without the pressure of having to ace an exam. Find a speaker you'd like to see or a topic you and your husband are both interested in. University events are typically open to the public. If you are required to pay, tickets will be priced at student rates.

Check college calendars for events.

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Volunteer TogetherGive Back: Free
A great way to spend time as a couple is by helping others. Visit your community website to find volunteer opportunities like a park clean-up or clothing drive. Activities like a coastal kayaking clean-up combine free fun and philanthropy. If it's chilly outside, consider serving a meal at a soup kitchen. Some events will give you a chance to work as a team while others will let you to talk and catch up with your spouse. Nothing beats helping your community, feeling better about yourself, and sharing the experience with someone you love.

Find volunteer opportunities at volunteermatch.org.

What are your favorite cheap things to do on a date? Let me know in the comments!

- by Nicole Fisher

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