9 Sex Secrets Men Really Want You to Know

by Sunny Sea Gold, Glamour

We got guys to open up and spill a few things they'd never say to a girl's face. What they shared will make sex better for both of you.
Modern Bride/Thomas IannacconeModern Bride/Thomas IannacconeSex Secret: Guys like it rough sometimes.
John, 24, from Los Angeles says he gets hot when girls get grabby. "I like it when they pull my hair!" he admits. Tugging on a fistful of curls makes guys feel like you're really into it. No need to pretend, but if the feeling strikes, go ahead: Run your fingers through his hair and give it a pull.

Sex Secret: Yep, your guy does want to try anal.
"Most dudes want to have anal," admits Alex, 21, from Chicago. "And if they don't ask for it it's because they haven't had it yet. They probably want to try it." So if you're interested too, but your boyfriend hasn't made mention of that end of the spectrum, feel free to bring it up. He'll probably thank you.

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Sex Secret: Guys really do wonder if it's too small.
You'd think that penis-size worries would end once a guy starts to use his regularly, but it's not always so, says Dan, 20, from Kansas City, Mo. "The only things a guy likes to have stroked as much as his penis is his ego," he says. "Tell him he's 'so good' or that what he is doing is 'amazing' or the 'best you've ever had.' And, regardless of whether or not your guy's penis is huge or tiny, please make sure he knows you think it is, like, the biggest you've ever seen."

Sex Secret: Men love it when you love your body.
Bryan, 32, from Hoboken, N.J., says a girl he dated for six months always kept her bra on in the bedroom-not because it was lacy and pretty, but because he suspects she didn't like her breasts. "It took a lot of the fun out of it," he says. "It made me feel like not only was she insecure, but she was also uncomfortable being real with me." In the heat of the moment, the last thing a guy is likely to notice is your body flaws-so ignore them. Men do!

Sex Secret: He wants to look hot for you.
It might seem like all guys do to get ready for a date or a sexy night in is hop into the shower and maybe, if you're lucky, swipe on some good-smelling deodorant. But, be assured, they take some care-and they love it when you notice. "Everyone knows girls love compliments, but guys also appreciate them," says Brian, 21, from Boulder, Colo. "A little 'you look good tonight' or 'I like that shirt' can go a long way and get us even more in the mood."

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Sex Secret: Comfy can be sexy.
Sure, little lacy things are hot, but believe it or not, even your most comfortable cotton briefs can be enough to get guys interested. John, 34, from Chicago, says he really enjoys seeing his wife run around the bedroom in a pair of full-coverage heather-gray undies. "Cotton panties and a T-shirt is just as sexy as lingerie, just in a simpler way," he says.

Sex Secret: Men love it when you text an unexpected pic-even if you're fully clothed.
"We're a generation of self-photographers," says Matt, 24, from Minneapolis. "Don't be afraid to send a picture out of the blue. Even if your hair doesn't look phenomenal."

Sex Secret: He wants (no, needs) to know you want him.
If you haven't realized it by now, here's a news flash: Guys can be a little sensitive and insecure about sex. "When your boyfriend or husband hints at sex, and you don't give him at least some indication that you want it and like it too, you crush him," says Chris, 20 from Memphis, Tenn. "Guys want to know that they turn you on." So if you're not in the mood, make it clear that it's not personal.

Sex Secret: What guys want most in bed is confidence.
Josh, 20, of Parker, Colo., says he just doesn't see the point of being timid or shy in bed: "We are both there to have fun! Be loud, have fun and relax, and if you want to try something, speak up. Guys are always up for trying something new. Of all the situations to voice your opinion, why not between the sheets?" Makes sense to us!

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