The 9 Sexiest Things You Do Without Trying

It doesn't necessarily take a whole lot of effort to get your guy going. Nine men spill the the things you do that drive them wild - without even knowing it. By Gena Kaufman, REDBOOK.

1. When you play dress up
"Like most guys, I'm not that into shopping but it's well worth enduring it for a few hours when I watch my wife try on clothes. She will play with the top, cock her head to the side and bend one knee. It's the sexiest look I've ever seen. Luckily for the store employees, I maintain dressing room decorum. But barely." - Steven L., 34

2. When you give him a challenge
"I find it oddly stimulating when my wife brags about finding a big sale on something. We have a fun ongoing challenge between us to see who can score the best deal, and it's hot when she outdoes me. And underneath the silly game of it, I know that when we're saving money, we can put it towards our next travel adventure. Thinking of that makes me want her even more." - Michael Y., 31

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3. When you sweep up your hair
"It is extremely sexy when my girlfriend wears her hair up. And I don't mean for a fancy occasions when she does it in a formal style. I'm referring to when it's quickly thrown into a ponytail early in the morning or before bed. A woman's neckline is so sexy and this is such a turn on, even though she probably thinks she's simply getting the hair out of her face." - Ryan K., 34

4. When you let him be him

"This one might only happen with ten years under your belt, but I love the way my wife still loves and encourages my interests even though she may not understand them. It's sexy because it shows the maturity and support in our relationship. And then I get to come home happy and excited, like after a great ride on my new bike, and I get pumped up all over again just telling her about it." - Matt S., 40

5. When you create family traditions
"When my Italian wife cooks an big, old-fashioned Sicilian Sunday dinner, it's very sexy to me. With our five kids, it's one of the few times our chaotic family is at peace, which is relaxing and enjoyable. She's doing something that brings us all together. It's an understated way to be sexy, but it's a perfect balance of love. And of course, the great food does it for me too." - David S., 44

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6. When you rock a laid-back look
"My fashionable girlfriend finds this frustrating, but my favorite outfit on her is a tank top and shorts - basically what she would wear to bed. I think maybe because it's revealing but not trying to be revealing. There's a sort of casual confidence to it that's appealing. Plus, she just looks hot." - Lucas K., 30

7. When you showcase your talents and passions
"It's the sexiest thing to watch my wife, an artist, work on a drawing. She gets really focused, constantly looking back and forth at the picture, smearing charcoal around and concentrating so hard. Watching her work so intensely at something she's amazing at really gets me going." - Oliver S., 27

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8. When you show off your sense of humor
"My wife sometimes does this funny thing where she talks like a monster, and it makes me feel all tingly. It cracks me up that she's so unselfconscious and lighthearted. I love it when she does it just to cheer me up, but I also feel proud when she makes other people laugh. A funny woman is a sexy woman!" - John C., 37

9. When you make a subtle move on him
"I find it hot when I catch my wife checking me out when she thinks no one is paying attention. When I see her in a moment when we are out with a group and she's sneaking a peek in my direction, I want to take her home right that minute. Knowing she's still turned on by me makes me even more turned on by her." - Brian T., 33

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