9 Things You Should Never Do at a Wedding

ShutterstockShutterstockWhen two people pledge their eternal devotion to each other before swarms of invited guests, it's naturally cause for celebration.

When we consider the many tedious details that miraculously come together to create this special day (costing $27,021 on average), it's terrifying to think a wedding day is only as safe as its drunkest guest.

Leave it to the bride's attention-whore sorority sister or the groom's lit bandmate to make a perfectly lovely day one to remember for all the wrong reasons.

In honor of the wedding month of June, we've rounded up 9 things you should never do at a wedding.

ShutterstockShutterstockMake it all about you
Don't even think about proposing to your girlfriend, announcing a pregnancy, or coming out of the closet on the couple's special day. Thunder-stealing is expressly prohibited.

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ShutterstockShutterstockChange your seat
Uh oh, you got seated at the loser table. If you only knew the amount of time and stress the happy couple endured as a result of this carefully calculated seating arrangement. You best suck it up and stay put.

ShutterstockShutterstockNot RSVP and show up
If your dog ate your RSVP card, you're out of luck, my friend. If you can't bear to miss the blessed union, arrive for the ceremony and leave prior to the reception. It's a seating chart thing; surely you understand.

ShutterstockShutterstockRSVP and not show up
Ooh, nothing burns a bride more than paying for a head that never showed up. Unless you've been kidnapped or are lying in a hospital somewhere, you have a lot of explaining to do.

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ShutterstockShutterstockArrive too late or too early
It doesn't matter that weddings usually start late: be there on time. Arriving ridiculously early is just as rude, so kill time in a coffee shop if you need to.

ShutterstockShutterstockDress inappropriately
We've always heard it's poor etiquette to wear white to a wedding. Equally inappropriate is hoochie attire for women and tennis shoes for men. Dress appropriately for the occasion, with special consideration made if the ceremony is in a house of worship.

ShutterstockShutterstockTake pictures during the ceremony
It's tempting to be the first among your friends to post a wedding pic on Facebook, but the extra flashes and camera noises are an unnecessary distraction. Leave the photography to the professionals.

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ShutterstockShutterstockMake a drunk and/or offensive toast
Leave the toasts to the wedding party and close family, particularly if you're intoxicated or planning to tell an embarrassing story. While the groom might someday find it in his heart to forgive you, the bride never will.

ShutterstockShutterstockSing with the wedding band
We know, you're totally the next American Idol, but save your natural talent for karaoke night, not the wedding reception.

- By Lori Garcia
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