A new pair of stilettos

A fresh start is like a new pair of stilettos : no history, no past, they won't make you fall, they will keep you grounded.
Why hold on to someone that is living in the past ?
in relationships you need the main foundation: Friendship, trust, communication, faith, confidence
With a fresh start with a new partner you have no history, no damage has been done only a new chapter with the opportunity to reach and establish "Love"
The ability to show someone you and be seen, heard, understood and cherished not punished for someone's insecurity and mistakes.
With broken hearts you find out what it is that you don't want and seek what it is that your heart desires as long as you welcome new beginings
just like putting finishing touches to your closet
you must get rid of those old worn out shoes and try on a new pair of stilettos
it will make your feet happy!