A Slice of Wedding Cake Under the Pillow and other Nab-a-Husband Superstitions

The other night, I was out to dinner with a friend who told me she always likes to take home a slice of cake from a wedding so she can wrap it in Saran wrap and place it under her pillow. Apparently, for single ladies, that's supposed to be a good-luck superstition to help YOU find your future husband.

And to that I say realllllllllly? I've never heard of it before! Have you? Have you done it?

I ask because I'm always interested in superstition, and because, with so many of my friends getting married and me really feeling grounded in my life, I am pretty actively interested in finding a future husband. Now, I don't think I'll go so far as to sleep with a piece of cake in my bed (I already feel like I wake up with crumbs in my bed due to midnight snacking more often than I'd like to admit), but this weekend, I did make a collage of what I'd like my future husband to be like.

I think it's what Oprah would call a vision board, but I really wanted to carefully visualize what I wanted in a boyfriend. So, I came up with a list, which I drew with magic markers, and added some pictures because it's fun. And I realized, here's my criteria for meeting a guy:

Funny-I want a guy who can make me laugh so hard I snort Diet Coke out of my nose. Not romantic, but that's my marker of what makes-and keep-me happy.

-I'm a writer, and while he doesn't have to be, I want a guy who has that creative force that drives him and who knows what it's like to be up all night working on something, only to have that exultant feeling of victory when it (writing, music, art, theory, whatever) finally works out.

A Partner in Crime
-I want someone who's got my back no matter what and who's willing to explore.

Honest-I don't consider myself a traditional girl in a lot of ways, but the one thing I need is honesty.

A Good Future Dad-self explanatory.

And that's it! So I looked at the list, signed it, and stuck it on the wall of my closet. And looking at it, it's simple. It's what I want and notice, there's no washboard abs or 6-figure income.

Anyway, I did the exercise because I was bored, and because I thought I needed a little focus in my romantic life, and because I wanted to make it explicitly clear to the Universe what I wanted.

So there it is! What about you? Have you ever made a future-husband collage? What would you put on it? And any other superstitions you've followed to try to get a guy?


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