A user asks: What have you done to catch his/her eye?

In conversation with friends over the weekend, someone asked me point blank - "Did I adopt my two dogs to attract women?"

After feigning shock and dismay I had to fess up…it entered my line of thinking. BUT - it was not the sole reason…it was a byproduct. Since I was living alone after my divorce and wanting dogs, I chose to rescue two dachshunds (wiener dogs) - a father and son combo that I've had for five years. They are MY BOYS and I couldn't love them more. I take them everywhere and you can tell they thoroughly enjoy coming with me to the beach….having breakfast at a café….etc.

Did I know that they would be magnets for attracting women? Probably. It has surprised me just how effective those two little guys are…they are instant 'icebreakers' and the reaction ranges from a huge smile at the very least to a high squeal of "aren't they cute". So with this knowledge I did just "happen" to walk near this one particular person that I had seen at my favorite surf spot and got the results I was desiring….a huge smile and a request to pet them (and NO - I've never blurted out the bad joke of "sure….you can pet my wiener"….might be a tad forward for an initial conversation). We had a very pleasant conversation and she turned out to be very nice….but attached. So I struck out, but made a new friend, which works too.

So - I put the question out….what methods have you employed to strike up a conversation or catch the eye of someone?