Advice from our guy friends: How to handle a guy's twin boys?

Remember Manties?Remember Manties?
Advice from our guy friends. This week they answer the question, Can you share your tips/thoughts on testicle attention?

Married Straight Guy (Ben): There's a lot of hype around playing with the balls and I gotta tell you, it's all just a little, well, wrong. The balls are not the point. The scrotum surrounding the balls is the point. Anything you can do to stimulate the scrotum will feel amazing and that includes gently--very gently--playing with the things inside the scrotum. But those two big guys are extremely sensitive and if you're not careful it will suddenly feel like you've kicked your man in the nuts. Even if it is with your tongue. Better idea: focus on the scrotum--you can rub it, scratch it gently with your fingernails, lick it, bite it. Heck, if he likes it rough, you can twist it with your fingers, pinch it, really start to dig in. Just please, for all of us, stay away from the nuts inside. (What do you do if your sex life leaves you black and blue?)

Straight Single Guy (Max): Yes. Please? While I understand that it might not be the most appealing thing in the world (I mean come on, it looks like a brain in a cartoon), I'm a little shocked with how unaware girls seem to be about how nice it is to have one's testicles fondled, licked, sucked or what have you. It can be, on occasion, much better than other "attention" around the same area. Wink wink. One important note: You know how guys always keel over when you hit them in the balls? (Shame on you.) Yeah. They're that sensitive. So please be gentle.

Gay Committed Guy (Bill): Everyone needs to pay attention to the testicles! We are here on earth thanks to those damn Johnny Rollocks. So the least we can do is show 'em some love once in a while. Don't be scared--go ahead and pop the berries in your mouth! I am sure he will return the favor with a smile. And if you have them hanging in your pants, I recommend a good shave (and a good scrubbing before sex please!). It will make them much more appealing to your partner, and give you oh-so-much more feeling. If the appeal works and your partner gives those booboos a lick or a suck, you will be one happy man.

Our "guys" are a rotating group of contributors, some of whom wish to remain anonymous and some of whom like the attention. This week's Straight Married Guy is Ben, a writer and artist living in Los Angeles. Check out his new website,

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