An Old Friend and Flame

Oddly enough I've had an old friend and flame on my mind lately. It excites me, as well as saddens me. Not only were we lovers, but best friends, too. When we met both of us were in very bad marriages, and relied and leaned on each other when a shoulder was needed. We also began having sex, and eventually fell in love. The sex we had was probably the most fascinating and loving I've ever experienced. I eventually got divorced, but even to this day she remains married. Due to having kids, she felt keeping her family whole would be best for her kids even if she had to suffer severe mistreatment both physically and mentally. It took a long time for me to get over her because I love her very much. She is on my mind quite often just like now. Let me share a story of one special night we had together.

Rarely did we ever have opportunities to spend time together at night. We had to sneak around during the day while her husband was at work. Luckily his job required travel at times, and we would take advantage when he was out of town. One weekend, she had her favorite aunt visiting, and he was out of town, so having a babysitter, we and her cousin decided to go down to St. Augustine for dinner, and the two of them decided to get a hotel room so they wouldn't go home drunk.

I picked the two of them up, and we headed down to St. Augustine to one of my favorite restaurants. It was a lovely night; we sat on the balcony looking out over the water. Stars lit the night sky, and a cool breeze kept us very comfortable. I ordered a bottle of Chardonnay since we were eating seafood. We drank two bottles between the three of us, and needless to say we weren't feeling much pain. My girl was wearing a very sexy black dress, and being 5'9", her heels made her almost as tall as me. She wore a perfume that was earthy, and it added to her sexiness. I was finding it very difficult not to take her on the spot, but soon I would remedy that.

We went to the bar, and her cousin was in shot mode. She asked what I liked, and when she heard I liked Tequila, she ordered a round. Just as the shots were delivered, my hand found my gal's leg, and started moving up and down - dragging my fingers lightly to get her goosebumps going. As she lifted the shot of Tequila, her other hand found my crotch, and she squeezed me as we threw back our Tequilas. Her cousin watched as she massaged my manhood, and I could tell she was both embarrassed and excited. With the amount of alcohol that was consumed, I thought it best we head back to Jacksonville before things got too out of hand.

When we arrived back at the hotel, I walked both of them back to the room. They asked me in, and I gladly accepted. I had to use the restroom, so immediately I entered and closed the door. After a minute, she knocked on the door asking if it were safe to come in, and when I answered yes, she entered and closed the door quickly. She moved in quickly and embraced me tightly - kissing me passionately as if she were dying to do so. The passion's heat grew intense, and soon I had her up on the counter, and my pants were down around my ankles. She had no panties on, and her dress made my quest quite easy. I rammed my dick deep into her, and we had incredible sex right there in the bathroom. We didn't know or care where her cousin was - we felt the need to do this and nothing was going to stop us. We continued to kiss as my ----- discovered every inch of her insides. Within minutes I exploded deep inside her, and when it subsided, she dropped down to her knees to drink the rest. We cleaned up, and went out to the room.

Her cousin was lying in bed, and was ready to call it a night. I wished her goodnight, and my girl asked if she could walk me out. We never exited the hallway; we ducked into a stairwell and again the passion was rekindled. This time I dropped down to my knees and attacked her ----- with my tongue. With her back against the wall, she lifted one leg over my shoulder as my mouth sucked on her clit as I used fingers inside her p----. Soon she too lost control, and began to wail as her climax reached its peak. We could care less if anyone heard us; we were oblivious to anything outside of our little world. I then stood up, dropped my pants and boxers once again, turned her around, and told her to place her hands as high up on the wall as possible. Spreading her legs as if I was a cop getting prepared to frisk her, my ----- slammed deep inside her wet p---- sending shock waves through both of us. I commanded her to keep her hands on the wall, and threatened to punish her if she moved her hands or dropped them all together. She did let them fall one time, and I spanked her ass hard enough to prevent her from doing it again. Due to the events of the evening, I couldn't hold out long; soon I pulled out and began shooting my load all over her firm ass. I dropped down to my knees, licked a good portion of my cum off her ass, and then stood up and kissed her deeply with a mouthful of cum. We stood there making out for quite some time before I finally walked her back to her room, and I left for home.

I wish I could experience that level of passion once again. It was incredible, to say the least.