Are Piercings "Down There" Safe?

Dear Dr. Kate, How safe (or unsafe) are genital piercings? -- Holey Moley

Dear HM,

Basically as safe (or unsafe) as piercings elsewhere on your body. There are two risks with piercings: the sterility of the piercing process when you get it, and the ongoing risk of infection or damage to the tissue. Make sure you're getting pierced in a reputable place (your best friend's basement is not the place to experiment). Follow all of the directions about care of the piercing site. Your labia and clitoral hood have more exposure to bacteria than your earlobes, so you need to keep up your vulvar hygiene-no daily pantiliners, no douching, consistent condom use. And beware of creative sexual positions that put your piercing at risk of being yanked out (or of your jewelry becoming intertwined with that of your partner- that's the not the kind of closeness you want). I'd recommend generous amounts of lube during penetration, and make sure you cease all activity if something begins to hurt.

-- Dr. Kate Gynotalk dr_kate_100dr_kate_100&

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