Are you trying too hard to be hot?

Wanting to look and feel sexy are perfectly legit desires-after all, you aren't logging in hours at the gym and passing up cheesecake just to be healthy. Problem is, in the pursuit of looking hot, it's all too easy to take a wrong turn. Here are four signs you may be forcing your sex appeal.

1. Everything's hanging out

Wearing something a little revealing can boost your confidence, but as New York City relationship therapist Jane Greer, Ph.D., wisely notes, "You want to get a guy fantasizing. Putting it all out there at once kills the mystery."

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2. The bling is blinding

Now, I'd never knock accessorizing, but guys say that when a woman they've just started dating shows up dripping in flashy jewelry, theyy wonder how many pieces came from ex-boyfriends or how high-maintenance you are.

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3. Your hair is too "done"

Here's one of those annoying but undeniable truths: Men are biologically hardwired to react to flowing locks. "Long, shiny, luxurious hair is a sign to our primitive brains that a woman is healthy, and men instinctively gravitate toward that," says Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., author of Emotional Fitness for Intimacy. So if you have long hair, let it hang loose on occasion. Cropped 'do? Don't gunk it up with too much product.

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4. Your feet are killing you

High heels are hot, and tight pencil skirts are sexy. But if you can't walk in those stilettos and your skirt is constricting your breathing, a guy's going to know you're just wearing those things in an attempt to impress him. Sexiness is about looking comfortable in your own skin.

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