As women, how do we expect men to groom "down there"?

As women, what do we expect as far as male grooming goes in the pubic area these days? Since the Brazilian became popular, women have pretty much been expected by men to stay well groomed and smooth down there. But are women now looking to men to step up to the plate and give some attention to this area as well? I've noticed that men pretty much fall into 3 categories along these lines:

Option 1-totally smooth and hairless shaft and sack with a well trimmed patch of hair on top

Option 2-competely bald with no hair down there whatsoever

Option 3-au naturale with no grooming at all

Personally, I have always preferred Option 1 because of the neat look and the smoothness of the equipment area. What does everyone else prefer and why? Are you all able to get your guy to groom to your preference? I'm trying to survey here so we can get a consensus and then I will let everyone know the results!