Can I Ask My Friends to Come Wedding Dress Shopping with Me If They're Not in My Bridal Party?

Photo: FirstViewPhoto: FirstViewMy attendants are men, so I want to ask a few girlfriends to go dress shopping with me instead. Is that impolite if they're not bridesmaids?

There's no hard-and-fast rule about whom to bring along on your dress quest. But enlisting your gal pals to help you try on gowns when you haven't asked them to be in your wedding sends a mixed message: namely, that you value their input-to a point. Rather than risk hurting their feelings, go the family-only route and ask your mom, sister, or another relative to accompany you.

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Of course, you could just ask the bridal-party dudes. It's unconventional, but it's a way to get a guy's honest opinion without ruining the surprise for your groom. Just remember that the more people you include, the more opinions you'll get-for better or worse.

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