Can We Ask for Money for Our Honeymoon Instead of Creating a Wedding Registry?

by Brides Staffer

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If you and your future husband are already living together before you get married, you don't have to worry about post-wedding house hunting or picking a china pattern. Chances are, a wedding registry probably doesn't seem necessary at all. How do you figure out a way to ask for gifts that you don't already have? Can you ask for money for a honeymoon, or is a honeymoon registry more appropriate? Our wedding etiquette experts are here to answer your wedding registry questions in our daily post.

My fiancé and I have lived together for six years, so we already own a ton of stuff. What we really want is money for our honeymoon. Is there a polite way to tell our guests?

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You don't have to ask for cash. Thanks to modern technology, guests can easily "give" you honeymoon experiences. After you and your fiancé choose a honeymoon destination, make a list of what you need help paying for and pick some activities you wouldn't otherwise splurge on-think sunset horseback rides, the most luxurious couples massages, zip lining through the jungle, you get the idea. Then, sign up for a site like, where you can create a travel wish list, with items like "$75 toward airfare" and "surf lessons for two" and spread the word that you're registered there. Of course, a few guests (like Aunt Silvia and Grandma's bridge buddies) will insist on getting you something they can wrap, so register for a few conventional items. Consider this a chance to upgrade your towels!

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