Can You Ask Wedding Guests Not to Wear a Certain Color?

Photo: Courtesy of J.Crew Photo: Courtesy of J.Crew Lisa Birnbach, BRIDES

We asked The Official Preppy Handbook's Lisa Birnbach to field your bridal dilemmas. Listen up, ladies. Her tips will help you keep your sanity-and friendships-in tact.

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"Can I ask people not to wear a certain color? My dress is a nontraditional color, and I want to be the only one wearing it." -LaTashijuna D. of L.A., via Facebook

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Dear LaTashijuna,

There's no way to gracefully make that request. It cannot appear on your invitation. And it would ruin the surprise of your unconventional choice. Assuming you'll be the only one walking down the aisle with a bouquet (and possibly a veil?), you can safely expect to be the star of the show, whether or not you're the only one wearing said color. Life is full of surprises, and even brides can't control everything (though we don't blame you for trying).

-Lisa Birnbach

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