Astrology.Com Daily Love Tarot - Friday December 21, 2012

The Four of Swords card reversed suggests that while you might be seeking relief from stagnant romantic conditions, you are not yet ready to let go. Try not to overreact or overdo things in an effort to salvage a broken love connection when you might be better off lying low in order to recharge or calm your nerves. Try not to fall back in this old pattern, but don't go overboard, otherwise in an effort to avoid feeling trapped again you could be scattered or disrespectful. You need to recover your wits before making your next move. Be willing to raise your expectations or overcome fear of rejection, discovery or isolation. If you want to get back in the game or close the book on a previous chapter, look outside of your usual haunts or romantic types. Tune in to your own passion to move forward with a sense of freedom and purpose.

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