Astrology.Com Daily Love Tarot - Friday July 5, 2013

The Ten of Pentacles card reversed suggests that family ties are important, but you shouldn't let them interfere in your love life or they may put you in a position to choose their traditions over your happiness. If your romantic choice comes from the wrong side of the tracks or your choices are considered unsound, you may come to resent their influence. If, as a couple, you are faced with caring for an aging parent, your relationship may not be able to handle the strain, but only if you consider the hardship to be measured by dollars and self gratification. Neglecting your partner, disrespecting elders or letting yourself go to keep up with the demands of intergenerational commitments might add to any domestic disturbance or resentment regarding obligation. Redefine the measure of prosperity and you might find that you are wealthy indeed.

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